There are no Secrets to Success. It is the Result of Preparation, Hard Work, and Learning from Failure.
Small Business People are People with Goals and Values that can't be Calculated on a Profit and Loss Statement.
Many Start Ups fail due to weak Strategy & Inexperienced Advisory.
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How We Can Help You?

Best Consultancy at affordable cost.
We are known to work very closely with the Clients to get the desired results. 

Sales Growth

Our deep understanding of Sales process enable us to find solutions to your challenges.


We provide end to end marketing services, whether its product development, promotion, pricing.

Franchise & Channel Expansion

We are Expert in Franchising & Channel Development, We have worked with several Companies and opened hundreds of Franchises.

Our Work Profile

Projects Completed
Happy Clients

Industries We Served In

Go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people.

Meet The Team

Mohan Hardas

Mohan has 17 years of diversified experience in the corporate world.He has experience of Pan India Assignments and for several years led teams of hundreds of co-workers. He has closely worked with industry stalwarts and Large Scale Group Business Leaders.
Mohan’s experience spans Strategy, Market Development, Marketing, New Product Development to execution, Start-up Business management, Channel establishment to Sales Training and Organizational change management.
Apart from the above Mohan has distinguished educational background, with a Masters in Marketing and diplomas in International Trade and HR. He has done several Management programs in India and Abroad and is member of World Association of Management Consultants. He has authored papers on Sales and consumer behaviour. He is currently doing a Doctorate (Phd) in Modern Retail.

Cdr Sanjay Ambulkar

Commander Sanjay Ambulkar is a very well known name in the corporate sector. He has over 30 years of Experience in Management.
Sanjay also has had an illustrious service in the Indian Navy for 22 years.
He completed his Engineering from VNIT NAGPUR in 1979 and joined the Indian Navy during Campus recruitment. Starting as Trainee Engineer he rose to the rank of Commander and was posted in various locations across India and Abroad. He completed many extremely challenging tasks under difficult circumstances. After the retirement he worked full time as a corporate consultant and is a sought after as an Administration and Organizational Change expert. He helped many organizations across the country during last 8 years. He is known for his disciplined approach towards Problems at hand and has the skill to working with all cadres in an organization.
His bottom to top work approach is especially effective in onsite assignments.

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