S. Pande

Mr Pande has more than 25 years of experience in Credit and Finance. He has a wealth of experience (gained during his tenure with the SBI) in loan proposals and sanctions. His expertise is in guiding the client on various paths for raising the capital for expansion. During his tenure at SBI and afterwards as Credit Consultant, he has worked with many corporate to generate finance for their needs.

He is a long-term associate of Knowledge House™ and assists us and our clients on finance related matters.

Mr Pande is Postgraduate in commerce.

S. Dubey

Mr Dubey is a practicing pleader in High Court and Supreme Court. He is an ex District Court Judge with sound knowledge of civil legal issues. His expertise is in Finance related legal matters and is presently working with companies as capital and civil legal consultant, He is also an authority on bad debt recovery and ways to stop bad debt.

He also has strong network across the western part of the country and posses dynamic personality.

Mr Dubey is BA LLb by Education

Sunil K.

Sunil is probably among the very few professionals in India, who are expert in Medical Devices Business, with special emphasis on cardio vascular products. His last assignment was as Head – South Asia for world’s largest medical devices company. He has handled all aspects of business and helped set up various product lines in Asian Market. He has connections across the Asian countries and is also an expert on how to grow business in south-east Asia.

Sunil is Science Graduate with an MBA in Marketing

Mr D. Atul

Atul has 22 years of extensive experience in IT sector. He has managed several product lines and posses expert authority in Hardware and Corporate plus Govt Business. He has been instrumental in establishing several new market lines for new products in India and abroad. He is an exceptional knack of gelling with all strata of management and works closely with Managers on any assignment. He is based out of Delhi. He is associated with Knowledge House™ as an expert consultant on IT and Business Development.

Atul is an Engineer with an MBA in Marketing

Mr K. Ram

Ram is the youngest Associate. He has 10 years of solid experience in software project management. He has worked with worlds best companies in US and India. His expertise is in Operations and Project Management. He has strong network in US and UK and can help clients establish business operations.

Ram is an Engineer and MBA from California Institute US.

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