Knowledge House Consultants have worked with several Clients on range of Projects, whether its short term Market research or long term Business Expansion, we have worked very closely with the Clients to create desired results.


Given are the few selected Case Studies

Distribution Network Expansion is necessary when you have appetite to grow your Business to nearby Regions/Nation.

We worked with a regional Pharma/FMCG company to expand its base to West & South India, We did extensive search in each City to find suitable Distributor as per the Company requirement, In fact we gave them choice in best of two Distributors in each city, We appointed 45 Distributors in 36 Cities. Training of Distributor & his staff was the integral part of the Project.

We also created Annual Sales Plan for each of the Distributor, although it was year long process, Field work in several cities was quite a fun. We are happy we could create value for our Client.

And helped him grow his Business  several times.

Business Expansion is the Buzz word in today’s world, Every Business wants to cross the Geographical limits. Regionally, Nationally or Globally,

We did one interesting long term Project with a  Education Company which was a Regional Player, We worked with them as their Franchise Expansion Partner for Pan India, We worked very closely with the Promoters to create robust Franchise Model, Pan India policy for the Expansion & then we started opening the Franchise centers through our extensive Investor Network, We reached to the level of 100 Centers in flat 30 Months , We not only found out suitable Franchise Partners in all the major Cities, but also have Trained the Partner and his staff on various Business  Aspects, It gave huge boost to the Company as it became Regional to National in flat 2 years.

When we started there were only 4 Centers, Project is still on and next Mandate is 500 Centers in next two years.

Market Research and Pilot are often very good tools to gauge the Market before actually Launching the Product.

In 2014 we took a project with a well known Consumer Goods Company to do Market Research & Sales Pilot of new range of Cosmetic Product at Nagpur (Urban & Rural) and Wardha (Rural) Districts. Mandate was to do Market Research Comprising, Category Analysis, Competition Analysis, Price Analysis etc in Marketing Research. We hired 30 Marketing Interns and collected the relevant data from 2500 Outlets across the region, with stringent check & filtration.

Next step was to find out a Distributor and do the Sales Pilot at selected  200 outlets with heavy Merchandising, and In shop Advertising.

We did all this under strict Time Line &, Pilot was successful . All the details were presented to Company in Executive Summary for the Top Management o take further decisions.

Retail sector is booming, with several Single Brand, Multi Brand formats opening every day.

We worked closely with a Retail giant to create an Innovative Business concept which is Fusion of Traditional retail with Online retail. We worked on strategy to create a Tab based product which can be taken to the Customers , and Customers can buy the product from the comfort of his Home, He can select among the huge inventory of various categories. We were part of the Strategy Team & Execution Team, We helped to chart out Franchise Policy & worked very closely with the acquisition Team to get Franchise on the board. We worked very closely with Supply Chain team to establish flawless Logistic Model. Our Project ended on the note of completing the Pilot of creating initial Business Ecosystem for this ambitious Project.

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