Your Challenges

  • Is my Marketing strategy good enough to help my growth plans?
  • How do we conduct Market research for new product?
  • How to rationalize my pricing for better bottom line?
  • Is my marketing team geared for Product/category management?
  • Do we know enough about customer and his buying habits?
  • How can we create” Brands” from the products we sale?
  • How do we derive the media mix during promotion?

Knowledge House™ Services

We provide end to end marketing services, whether its product research and development, promotion or pricing

Our experience and hands on approach to Marketing strategy, CRM etc. helps you to make correct decisions at the right time.

Do call on us to know how we can help your organization in one or all of the given Services

Product Strategy

  • Product portfolio optimization
  • New product development
  • Innovation capability development
  • Process and organizational delivery support

Marketing Strategy

  • Market development strategy
  • Customer insights
  • Customer and product profitability analysis



Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer loyalty design & delivery
  • Value-based customer segmentation
  • CRM program design



  • Industry pricing dynamics
  • Pricing framework and optimization
  • Yield management



Brand Strategy

  • Brand management
  • Brand portfolio optimization

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